Self Reflection Paper On Leadership

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Through self-reflection and academic readings, I have discovered that I identify with three different leadership theories. During the first meeting in a Strength Based Leadership class, we were asked to write our leadership history. The class then began an ongoing exploration of various leadership theories. Upon reviewing my leadership history from the first class and synthesizing the information from the theories that were examined, I discovered that I most resonate with the Trait Leadership Theory, the Skills Leadership Theory, and the Path-Goal Leadership theory. These theories are leader focused, describing the process and techniques a leader uses to accomplish goals. This paper will examine the three leadership theories, identify how they apply to my practice, and explore how these theories interact with each other. The Trait Leadership Theory is based on the belief that a person is born with special traits contributing to natural leadership abilities. Studies of famous historical leaders have been used to identify various traits for this theory. Although the list of traits differs from study to study, there are five major traits that are consistent throughout most studies. These traits are intelligence, self-confidence, determination, integrity, and sociability. I recognize all of these traits within myself. Between my leadership history and my strengths, which were identified from the StrengthsFinder Inventory that I completed this past year, I realize that I

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