Difference Between Trait And Behavioural Theories

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Question 1 Are leadership and management different from one another? If so, how? Answer: Leadership- The ability to influence a group toward the achievement of goals. Management the use of authority inherent in designated formal rank to obtain compliance from organizational members because management positions come with some degree of formally designated authority, a person may assume a leadership role simply because of the position he or she holds in the organization. But not all leaders are manager, nor, for that matter, are all managers’ leaders. Just because an organization provides its managers with certain formal rights is no assurance that they will be able to lead effectively Question 2 What is the difference between trait and behavioural theories? Are the theories valid? In theory leadership is focused on the personal qualities and traits of a person. Trait theory is based on the model of the Big Five personaliti. For an example, Extraversion is one of the characteristics of the most common and most important in the way leaders to ensure their effective leadership. Next, we can distinguish between effective leader and ineffective. According to the book, "individuals who exhibit traits as a leader able to recognize someone who is a leader of leaders does not mean they managed to get each group to achieve its goals." theories of leadership behaviour suggests that certain people are able to distinguish the behaviour of a leader by himself and not from
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