The Big Short Movie Analysis

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The Big Short
Management and Leadership
Theoretical Component
Management – The process of dealing with or controlling things or people.
Leadership - The action of leading a group of people or an organization, or the ability to do this.
Management and Leadership are two very different things. “A manager is appointed in a position of authority which enables him to insist on people doing as he/she instructs. A leader has the expertise to make people aware of the advantages of doing a certain thing, thereby creating a desire in people to follow him/her”. Good management is managers who are also leaders, they should also take responsibility for all that is done under their ‘command’.
Application to movie
In The Big Short it is emphasised how corrupt,
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Ethics is deciding what is right or wrong using ones moral principles. These two work hand in hand and are supposed to be followed by all businesses and employees. In short Professionalism is what is expected and ethics are what is expected not to do.
Application to Movie
In the movie The Big Short, it seems as if almost nobody has any ethics at all.
Firstly, the banks hugely increased the market for synthetic CDO’s. This is borderline illegal and should be illegal but isn’t. These were a huge contribution to why the housing market collapsed.
Secondly, mortgage brokers are seen giving out multiple million dollar loans to anyone and they were actually targeting people they knew couldn’t afford it. This is illegal and very unethical. This also led to the housing market collapsing.
In the movie there are an evenly spread amount of people who are very professional and ones who are the
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There are many types of investment such as bonds, stocks, investment funds, annuities etc.
The sole aim of an investment is for your asset or financial input to grow into more therefore gaining you profit and the higher the risk the higher the reward generally is.
Application to Movie
In The Big Short Scoin Capital used growth investment strategies. This was a high risk high reward bargain that paid off in the end. Banks were making money off their mortgage loans they were selling off in synthetic CDO’s. These debts were actually worthless. When the housing market and Wall Street crashed, many lost their investments. These were meant to be safe investments but because of the actions of the banks, mortgage brokers and many other factors, millions lost everything.
The Big Short
The Big Short is relevant to the content outlined in the SAG document for
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