Servant Leadership Reflection Paper

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Over the last few weeks, leadership class has succeeded in getting me to think deeply about my life, who I really am and who I hope to be. This is good because it helps me put proper measures in place that will help me accomplish those goals.
A servant leader, as we have discussed in class is one who is servant-first. His main aim is to serve his people and do what is best for the people around him, whether he is in a leadership position or not. Before I came to Ashesi, I did not know anything about servant leadership so I would not have been able to tell if I was practicing it or not. However, looking back on my life, I can point out some things I did which can be described as servant leadership. There was a time back in Senior High School …show more content…

Coming to Ashesi, I believe I haven’t been that much of a servant leader because like High School, I’ve kept to myself most often and this has prevented me from looking beyond myself in order to address the needs of others. However, the little we have studied in the course so far has opened my eyes to see servant leaders in action and how their work has benefited those around them. It has stirred up some kind of desire in me to improve the lives of the people in my community and this is outlined in the story I hope to be a reality by the time I am a hundred years old.
My name is Zaneta Asare and this is my autobiography at age 100. I graduated from Ashesi University in the year 2019 with a BSc Honors in Computer Engineering. Thenceforth, I went on to do my national service which got me working with experts in the world of virtual reality. Our main aim was to create pieces for the entertainment of people from all walks of life. The motivating drive behind that job was so that even the average Ghanaian, could afford to enjoy quality entertainment. One which would take his mind off the troubles of life and allow him to rest his mind, so he could be more productive in his workplace, which is his own act of service to the nation and those around him. After my national service, I

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