Reflective Essay On Servant Leadership

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Over the last few weeks, leadership class has succeeded in getting me to think deeply about my life, who I really am and who I hope to be. This is good because it helps me put proper measures in place that will help me accomplish those goals.
A servant leader, as we have discussed in class is one who is servant-first. His main aim is to serve his people and do what is best for the people around him, whether he is in a leadership position or not. Before I came to Ashesi, I did not know anything about servant leadership so I would not have been able to tell if I was practicing it or not. However, looking back on my life, I can point out some things I did which can be described as servant leadership. There was a time back in Senior High School where I was
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After my national service, I worked for that same company for a while then went independent and set up my own virtual reality company which provided services to students learning how to drive. It brought a lot of joy to students because it provided a whole new perspective on how to drive from the virtual reality world. It also saved a lot of costs that would have been used to buy fuel and other expenses needed for driving tests. During the time I was running the company, I developed a passion for helping the homeless people, especially children, and their mothers. In making that passion a reality, I set up a school with the help of a few friends of mine and we took in homeless children and trained them in various arts and courses so they could be beneficial to the nation. We also took in the parents of the children and trained them so they could earn a living for themselves. It was a very wonderful experience because we saw the lives of people being changed and the country a whole lot less populated. The joy on their faces was priceless and it pushed me to do more so that other people in

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