National Honor Society Application Essay

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The National Honors Society is an organization consisting of outstanding students across the nation, and I am truly honored to be considered to join. Not only does this organization push students to succeed academically, but it also allows them to build character by taking part in their communities through leadership roles and service. With this, I would take advantage of all the opportunities the society presented me to build my own character even further. In my years of high school, I have shown that I am qualified to join the society based on my performance in academics, character, leadership and service. Throughout my years, I have been able to maintain a GPA at a 4.0, while also balancing my time with sports, clubs and a job. However, I had to progressively build my GPA up since my first year, because I learned to take my academics more seriously. During school, my academics are my top priority and must be maintained before any outside …show more content…

By taking on leadership roles such as being president of environmental club and public relations of class council, I am a mentor to others all while sharing the same interests and providing opportunities for them to build their own character. Prior to this school year, I was fortunate enough to attend a weeklong event called Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, where I lived there for a week surrounded by young leaders from all over south jersey. In this experience, I learned that being a leader means being understanding of others and their situations. With this experience I was able to bring back what I learned to my own communities like environmental club. Not only do I have to be organize and communicative, but I also have to be a role model to members of a club by showing my own good character. Specifically, in environmental club, I organize and provide events where members can participate in their communities through

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