Personal Narrative: My Career In High School

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Transcripts Throughout my high school career I have accumulated a weighted academic GPA of 3.76. My first two years of high school were the hardest for me. Since I was in foster care I had moved four times in my first two years of high school. Unfortunately my GPA at the time was barely above a 2.0. Junior year I was settled down and determined to improve my academics; by the end of first semester of junior year I had raised my GPA by one point.
I’ve had exemplary attendance throughout my four years of attending high school. I’ve always had great attendance because I don’t like to take days off. Part of being an adult is doing stuff you don’t want to do such as going to school to expand your education. I feel that my exemplary attendance has contributed to my improved grades and work ethic. …show more content…

I have turned in several lost textbooks into the office because I lost a textbook before and know how it felt. One time I had also found a Samsung Galaxy in class and I was the only student left in class. I could have easily kept it for myself but I knew it was wrong so I turned it into the

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