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“The National Honor Society (NHS) is the nation’s premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students,” as reported by I am truly honored to be part of this organization, as are some of my classmates. Although there are many requirements when determining who is chosen for NHS and who isn’t, the main requirements are academics, character, leadership, and service. I personally believe I fulfill all of those requirements. One of my top priorities throughout high school is to earn good grades, which can be difficult when I’m involved in many things. All throughout high school I have obtained a GPA of 3.5 or above and have worked hard to earn that GPA as well. Earning a GPA of 3.5 or above may seem easy, but as …show more content…

I believe leadership can be represented by both an individual or a group. This year I was chosen to be captain for both basketball and football cheerleading. Because I was captain, I had to lead the other cheerleaders by teaching underclassmen the cheers, choosing which cheers we did, and arranging practices for the team. I not only find myself as a great leader in cheerleading, I also find myself to be a great leader in track. Because I start so many events, I am always staying after practice to practice starting blocks. If an underclassmen isn’t sure how to properly use a starting block, I am always willing to help them out. Apart from showing leadership during sports, I also show it during academics. If a teacher has us make a group project, I generally take charge and help assign each person a specific task. That’s why I believe I fulfill the leadership …show more content…

Whenever there is an opportunity for me to help out the community, I am more than willing to do it. Every summer I teach a cheer camp and every winter I teach a dance camp. In order to teach those camps, another cheerleader, or dancer, and I have to choreograph a dance and teach it to other students within two to three days. Those students then perform that dance to people in and around the community. In addition to teaching those camps, I also help out at the school. I work multiple concession stands, whether it’s for basketball, softball, or baseball games and I also volunteer to work scoreboard for volleyball or basketball tournaments on the weekends. Lastly, this past Christmas all of the chorus members walked around town and went caroling to local businesses, such as the library, the fire station, and the bank. Because this was our first time caroling, I considered it a great experience and plus, it allowed the community to get free entertainment. I enjoy helping out the community and I believe it allows me to become a better person overall. Getting the opportunity to be considered for National Honor Society is such a privilege and I couldn’t think of a better accomplishment one could earn. The main requirements one should fulfill when being considered for NHS are academics, character, leadership, and service. I believe I successfully meet each and every one of those requirements and will continue

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