Examples Of Being A Laoistian-American

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Honestly, it’s very difficult to find a place for me to be accepted as a being of Lao. It 's hard to explain because where I live in a predominantly neighborhood where racism exist on a standard level. Due to my race, some of the people are hesitating to accept me for who I am. However, I had an opportunity from my parent to influence me toward understand Lao culture and tradition. Therefore, for me being a member of the Laotian-American makes me feel a sense of appreciation of my race. It helps me defined how I think of myself and shapes many experience I had; therefore, it has shaped who I have become. I am very proud to be who I am and of the culture that I have been born and raised in. Even though, everything is different in custom culture and religion I am honor to still be one of them. For me personally, it seems that I must always prove myself to educators. I must show them that being a member of a minority doesn’t automatically make me different from others. And Although attending school is very difficult, there are still time that I must never give up to become successful. …show more content…

This includes teaching children from kindergarten to 6th graders to learn how to hit the ball, to proper have a better form, and to have fun during the camp. This leadership inspire me to become compassion and help people grow to learn new things. Another demonstration of leadership is when I join a tennis team in high school. To me, leadership during tennis is to know your team and yourself better because it can set the team to become successful. This also means helping other achieve the impossible. There was a time when I can help student understand the concept better during school and it help them get their grades better. These leadership help me impact a positive change to not just me but to people who wanted

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