Essay On Leadership In Early Childhood Education

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Reflective Journal Leadership, Professional Knowledge and Ethical Practice What is one prevalent issue in early childhood education today? Explain both sides of the debate regarding this time. When I begin teaching at Head Start 18 years ago I only needed a high school diploma. Now a teacher must have a CDA and an Associate Degree in early childhood education. Over 50% of teachers need a Bachelor Degree in early childhood education. Head Start is a nonprofit organization that is federal funded program for low income families. Head Start provides equal learning opportunities for children with disabilities. A child with disabilities were not allowed to attend Head Start because the teachers and the classroom were not set up to meet their needs. …show more content…

Effective leader build a strong and successful setting for children. Strong leadership, ethical practices and professional knowledge provides high quality educational outcome. I have strong leadership in my program and it builds respect, parent, teacher and community collaboration and a trusting and well nurtured relationship between teacher and students. Challenges and expectations are provided to help develop the highest outcome of education possible for all children. How do you envision this issue impacting your future work with children? It all begin some three years ago when I enrolled in Ashford University to help me provide the best I can to all the families I serve. In two weeks after this one, I will be receiving my Bachelor in Early Childhood Education. I have gained the knowledge and skills to help support my expectation of all the families I serve. I would like to continue learning need techniques that will be helpful in maintaining the skills I need for the future. I have learned how to modify the Creative Curriculum to provide quality education and a challenging learning environment for cultural and diverse

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