Head Start

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The Head Start program is a free preschool for low income families who are disadvantaged. The Head Start program is in question in regards to its success in preparing children for future school success. In the article titled “How should we Interpret the Evidence about Head Start?” by Janet Currie claims “It is one of the most successful known interventions for poor children”. She claims Head Start is associated with being low quality, however, there are positive results that are surprising to the skeptics. She continues to argue that Head Start is operating at a local level and are held at high standards. Janet acknowledges the children of Head Start are in difficult situations in which they are poor or they are referrals from child protective services. The positive short term effects that Head Start offers is a lasting influence on the child’s future. The fact in which Head Start is still operating after 50 years is an indicator of an evolving quality preschool. I agree with most of the article, however, I do not feel as though this article provides the Head Start Program with justice. I agree with the fact that …show more content…

Never the less, Head Start is complex and consist of different components. The article should have explained how it helps families and emphasize personal experiences of families with success stories. This program has helped countless children and their families and their experiences will be my motivation to provide Head Start with the reputation it deserves. It is no simple task working with children and parents with high needs, nonetheless, I imagine without our support, these children would have less of a chance of becoming motivated students and life skills. I feel enthusiastic in researching and providing a detailed paper to promote the effectiveness of Head Start and the continued need of the

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