Multidisciplinary Roles In Early Childhood Education

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Introduction In early childhood education, it is important for teachers to always consider and understand children and the families’ needs. Early childhood teachers cannot only work with their colleagues to face children and the families’ needs but also need to work with multi-disciplinary to collaborate the ideas with each other and discuss the best outcome for the children and the families in early childhood education setting together. So, the more explanation about the multi-disciplinary team is that teachers with different professionals such as psychologists, child social worker, police, adult social worker, health visitor or court working together to provide different services and support for children and the families’ needs. They are diverse professional groups who work together in order to collaborate, reflect, access and support children’s development, health and learning and also families' needs. Early childhood professionals are from diverse professional backgrounds. They use multidisciplinary approaches to provide better support to families and draw on the skills and expertise of their peers. …show more content…

Also, always learn from the other because you can have more knowledge can be received. Always respect to other professionals, and try to maintain a good atmosphere when having joint work. Last but not least, it is important to interact and collaborate between multi-disciplinary and try to keep children and the families on the spot and aware their needs and work together as a team to provide the best support for them in the early childhood education settings. And remember the main benefit and purpose of working in a multi-disciplinary working, must be better outcomes for children and the families. Multi-disciplinary together break down their worries and achieve their requirement as much as a professional

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