Essay Identify Settings Which Provide Early Year's Education

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Identify settings, which provide early year’s education and care.
Statutory Service
Statutory services are provided by the government. For example, every child has right to use opticians, dentist, transport and education free because the government pays for them. Mentions to facilities provided by the local authority as a matter of course. Examples of statutory services contain benefits, social services, hospital treatment on the NHS and schools. The discussion in the volunteer part is how far charities and voluntary groups should provide statutory services and at what cost.
These are the services that children can use it until when they are 18 years old: Hospitals, dentist, healthcare, opticians, social workers, foster care, education, playground …show more content…

Private Service
Private services are provided by secretly and to made more money. This service is not getting money from government it only gets from people or make own money. The government has to control of if they are doing legal or illegal job. People can use these services for their children education: private nurseries, education, private play areas and schools.
Identify the skills, knowledge and attributes required for the role of the early years practitioner.
Skill is the ability to do something well so if you can do something well for example communication then you have a skill to communicate. Everyone can identify their own skills by trying different activities and if they can do it well, then they have skill.
These are the skills that nursery practitioners must have: communication skills, flexibility, creativity, independence, integrity, confidence, multi-tasking, teaching skills, training skills, responsibility, respect, drive, language and team work.

Knowledge means understanding of something or getting information about a subject that you get by experience or study, known either by one person or by people

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