How To Promote Anti Discriminatory Practice

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Explain the importance of demonstrating anti-discriminatory/anti-bias practice when working with children and young people:
The importance of demonstrating anti-discriminatory/anti-bias in a work setting is to help prevent discrimination towards any individual children, members of staff or parents and to help promote equal opportunities. By helping to prevent discrimination and promote equal opportunities we are making sure that all members of staff, children, parents and other professionals who enter the work setting are treated equally and fairly and in an unbiased way. All work settings should have policies, procedures and strategies which demonstrate how a positive and inclusive attitude should be towards all individuals that attend the setting regardless to their age, gender, race, culture or disability. By showing this type of positive attitude each individual within the wor setting …show more content…

Anti-discriminatory practice is to help support all work with children, young people and their families. It is important that settings promote anti-discriminatory practice by offering equality of opportunity and being inclusive to all children who attend the setting. Anti-discriminatory practice is also all about the implementation of the work settings equal opportunities policy in all aspects of the setting such as the curriculum which members of staff have to follow in order to plan, deliver and evaluate daily. It is important that members of staff in a work setting make sure that each individual child has an opportunity to take part and participate in all activities whether it is indoors or outdoors in order to achieve their learning potential of what is expected of them according to their age development. It is important that when working with children all members of staff and practitioners must have a

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