Why Practitioners Should Not Demonstrate Anti-Discriminatory Practice

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When working with children you should not demonstrate anti-discriminatory practice. It’s important that all practitioners work in a fair and inclusive way and ensure that all children have equal opportunities within the setting. Promoting equality within the setting will allow them to develop a self-esteem and become confident in life. They will also feel valued by people and respected even if they are different to others. Its important to promote a sense of belonging in the setting as when children grow up, they need to feel that they belong to the group, whether that group is their family, their culture, the community they live …show more content…

Practitioners should make sure that when they are teaching they do not have favourites in the classroom that always get awards or treats because they are the teachers favourite. It’s important that they don’t do this because the other children will feel left out and that they are not good enough because they don’t get any praise in the classroom. They will also not want to do anything good because they don’t get any attention if they do so they won’t see the point. Also they may start behaving inappropriately because if they do they will get attention that way instead. Practitioners should have an awareness of gender roles. They should create an environment where girls and boys are respected and cared for equally in early childhood is the first step towards breaking cycles of discrimination and disadvantage, and promoting a child's sense

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