Speech Language Pathology Essay Examples

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The profession of Speech Language Pathology enables others to be heard and gives them the ability to have a voice. As a Communication Disorders major, I found my voice through education and personal experiences. During my undergraduate career, I have balanced extracurricular activities, volunteer work, and leadership roles while maintaining superior grades in my coursework. However, my qualities go far beyond my list of accomplishments. Passion, my value of education, and my objective to improve the lives of others have driven me to pursue a career in Speech Language Pathology. As a first-year student, the struggle of finding a future career path was evident in my life. I delved into Speech Language Pathology through attending a Kearney Student …show more content…

I led twenty-two students during their first year of college to provide them success as students. I co-taught a class that focused on study skills, UNK resources, and involvement on campus. My ability to communicate and adapt to the diversity of the class was shown through creating different learning activities to employ in the classroom. I exemplified team work by collaborating with another instructor. Through my experience as a Peer Academic Leader, I was able to hold two counseling sessions with each student per semester to provide myself as a resource. I learned how to adapt to the individual needs of students to provide them the best education. Like students with a communication disorder, many of my students would shy away from activities or tasks because of obstacles. Through these experiences, I watched my students gain the confidence to participate in activities and excel in academics to become successful individuals. As a future Speech Language Pathologist, many qualities that I possess can be improved by furthering my education. As a driven person, I often strive for perfection. As clients communication disorders are diverse, your graduate program will challenge myself to overcome the constant strive for perfection. As a perfectionist, I tend to dwell on projects to ensure they are completed efficiently. As Speech Pathology is a fast

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