My Ideal Self Essay

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My Ideal Self Who/what do you want to achieve/have, why? In the shorter term (3 years), I want to graduate from HELP University’s Degree of Psychology in first-class honours. I understand claims stating such academic achievement is merely a graduation certificate, without guarantee of work opportunities. However, my aim is not motivated towards work opportunities or anything materialistic; I just want to appreciate and value every learning opportunity. Besides viewing this process as a foundation for future knowledge and abilities, I have been anticipating this stage of gaining deeper and professional knowledge in psychology for a long time. To summarize, this goal is elicited from my passion and enthusiasm for psychology, to remain focused throughout these three years, instead of gaining fame or impress others. After graduation, I want to engage in a job related to psychology, allowing me to serve others by applying the knowledge learnt. It may not need to be anything very great; I just hope to contribute to the society’s wellbeing, whether it is in the clinical setting, corporate world or any other aspects. Most importantly, I hope to raise awareness and acceptance towards mental disorders. Even though my effort alone may not be significant to the society, I believe that my effort would at least support those in my surrounding. Besides fulfilling my urge to contribute, I want a job to be financially independent. Believing that money is not the only life objective, I do
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