Personal Essay: Why I Want To Study Psychology

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In five years, I hope to be in college, studying about something I'm interested in. I want to get into a good college with a great psychology program where I can learn enough about it so I can turn it into a progression. One thing I've noticed is that it's hard to find a hobby which is directly related to psychology, unlike other professions where your hobbies can be very similar to what you would be doing in that job. I believe that given the environment I was born into, where I have had to help many people to get through tough periods in their lives, I could be a good psychologist. This being my reality, I have grown to enjoy listening to people’s problems and difficulties and trying to help them to the best of my abilities. This isn’t really a “hobby”, but it is related to what a psychologist does. Even though this is the case, one of the aspects that most interest me about psychology is analyzing people, understanding what they are going through, and doing my best to help them. I have been doing this with most of my family and friends since I was little, seeing as my mother needed my help a lot of times and the fact that my friends use my …show more content…

It's not a perfect fit for my personality, I might change my mind or something my happen along the years, but it is something I find extremely important and interesting. Some of the things I will need to become a psychologist I will still need to work on, such as reading more and becoming more involved in people's lives, but I believe that with some effort I can be a good professional one day. Another interest that relates to psychology is reading a lot and being interested in learning new things. This is something I’ve always liked, especially when it comes to subjects I care about. I’m hoping that doing extensive reading and research I can learn more about what a psychologist does exactly, how it helps people and how to be effective doing

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