Informative Speech About Psychology

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Are you afraid of sharing your thoughts? Do you believe that they can tell about your actions? Would you like to have someone you could talk to with no shame of being judged? Well, there is a profession were people listen to others and at the same time, thousands of thoughts are being connected in their minds with a purpose of understanding and helping you. This profession is called psychology, the profession I chose to practice when I grow up and by the end of this speech I will prove to you that psychology is great, that my characteristics match the profession and that I have a plan to follow to get there. Let me start by telling you why psychology is a great choice for me. First, it can help people to solve their problems. With just talks, …show more content…

Firstly, I am persistent. No matter how many times I fail, when I really want something, I won’t stop until I get it, so I wouldn’t stop trying until I helped my patient to find a solution for his/her problem. Secondly, I am interested, like to listen to other stories and hate it when they end up sadly. Ever Since I was little, I have loved to talk to others about their personal experiences and give advice when they needed it because it killed me to see that something was bothering them. Thirdly, I am loyal, so if someone asks me not to tell something to others I won’t tell and if I say that I won’t tell, I most of the time fulfill my word. Because of that, my patient will be able to really trust me. Clearly, my personal characteristics match this …show more content…

The phrase: “Helping others is the way we help ourselves” from Oprah Winfrey inspired me to choose this profession. Helping people solve their problems, giving them the opportunity to let off steam and share their feelings through confidential talks makes this profession unique and exceptional. I have abilities and values, such as: persistence, kindness, and loyalty, that are highlighted and essential to this job. Also, I have a plan that I will already start following it because this is what I want to be. I want to be a person that happily stays the whole day trying to understand peoples’ thoughts to assistance them in life. I want to be, nothing more, nothing less than a

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