Informative Speech On Special Education

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Informative Speech Preparation Outline I. INTRODUCTION A. Gain the audience’s attention: Koch states in the article Special Education in 2000 that 1.7 million disabled children were not able to attend public schools until IDEA, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, was implemented (Koch, 2000). Transition to Thesis: A high school diploma is necessary in todays life, but many students with special needs are still facing challenges to receive theirs. B. Thesis: The environment where a student is taught has a major impact on their general education, their future educational experiences, and the likelihood of graduating and continuing their education. C. Credibility Statement: After extensive research on special education and background knowledge from a Children with Exceptionalities class, I have gained the knowledge and information to inform you of the impacts of teaching special education inside of the general education classroom. D. Relevancy Statement: This topic is relevant to everyone because special education impacts not only students with disabilities, but their family, friends, and peers. E. Preview of Main Points: 1. Ways in which special education is viewed by society and the background of the subject. 2. Effects of including special education students in the general education classroom with their peers. 3. Graduation rates of students who learn inside of the general education classroom. Transition to Body: I will begin to discuss the main points

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