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Special education is a discipline marked by a lot of controversy and which elicits a heated debate among education administrators, parents, and teachers. Full inclusion, which is the belief that disabled students should be incorporated into regular classrooms, regardless of whether they meet conventional curricular standards or not, is the major point of controversy. Full inclusion embraces the idea that disabled students should undertake regular education and only be excluded in a class when important services cannot be offered to them (Nelson, Palonsky, & McCarthy, 2010). This paper seeks to delve into the arguments surrounding full inclusion and establish their validity. It will achieve this by highlighting the arguments for and against …show more content…

The failure to implement full inclusion appropriately has numerous detrimental effects on the parties involved. One disadvantage for full inclusion is that the socialization part precedes the academic component, notwithstanding the fact that it should not be the primary goal of education. Inclusion movements aim to make disabled students look normal, overlooking the issue of whether they are undertaking educational programs or not. This can have a negative effect on the academic progress of students with disabilities because important skills are not taught for the sake of the learner making physical presence in a full inclusion classroom. Fox (2013) claims that there is a need for disabled students to reap maximum benefits from this integration. Full inclusion leaves students with disabilities with low self-concept and self-esteem. Various students undertaking special education have claimed that life in full inclusion classrooms is characterized by frustration, fear, isolation, and ridicule. Inside regular classrooms, disabled students are exposed to activities that their peers can do easily, but they cannot. Subsequently, they are overwhelmed, subjected to depression, and in the end they feel

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