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Shakela Bryant is special education teacher for middle school grades sixth through eighth at Carrington Middle School in Durham, North Carolina. This is Ms. Bryant’s third year at Carrington and her fourth year teaching. Ms. Bryant is an inclusion (co-teacher) and resource 6th grade teacher. An inclusion teacher provides support to students’ with disability in the general education setting. As an inclusion teacher, Ms. Bryant takes turns teaching English/Language Arts (ELA) with the three general education teachers she has been assigned to and also carries out other duties. These duties consist of curriculum modification, individualization of assessments, small group work, and pull-outs. Ms. Bryant also teaches a 6th grade resource …show more content…

Bryant is an inclusion teacher. Therefore, she has to collaborate with regular education teachers. When asked about how she collaborates with her general education colleagues, Ms. Bryant stated she meets with them weekly. During weekly meeting they discuss upcoming and previous assignments, modifying assignments and progress monitoring. Ms. Bryant was also asked the value of her input from team members. Ms. Bryant feels her general education team members value her input this school year and consider her as an asset. However, this was not the case in previous years. She said they started to realize they legal ramifications of not following IEP’s and need her assistance with abiding by the rules and procedures of special …show more content…

Bryant thinks inclusion is a wonderful idea for both students and teachers. Students with disabilities have the opportunity to learn from their non-disable peers. They learn proper social skills such as how to conduct themselves in the classroom environment. Furthermore, regular education students learn to work with and understand that students with disabilities are people too. They deserve the same respect and fair treatment. Ms. Bryant said she learns different teaching styles and techniques from going into different classrooms. She uses some of them in her resource class.
One of the duties for a special education teacher is to provide support to students who experience difficulties. Ms. Bryant states that she uses 21st skills in her lessons, provide one on one support, reteach materials and student input to address learning problems in her classroom.
Finally, Ms. Bryant was asked how she feels about students with intellectual and learning disabilities being required to take the same End of Grade Test (EOG) as their non-disabled counterparts. She finds the situation to be unfair. Students who read on a first or second grade level have to take 6th grade EOG’s does not make any sense. Furthermore, does not accurately measure their progress. She believes they should be test on their ability instead of grade level. Student success will be accurately measured and they will feel like they have accomplished something.

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