Dylan's Eligibility Case Study

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The team proposes Dylan’s eligibility category as {OHI, AU, SED}, provided intensive intervention for Reading in a resource setting, frequency of special education, educational placement, annual goals for Dylan’s functional skills that will address his targeted behaviors, for weaknesses in reading and writing , BOG/EOG testing accommodations/implementations for ELA/Reading and Math. In addition to, ESY was not warranted.
Based on evaluation report and prior classroom assessments and performance, Dylan’s exhibits difficulties functionally and academically to include reading comprehension and writing skills. The IEP decided that {OHI, AU, SED} would be Dylan’s eligibility category within a “Regular” educational setting to address his weakness for reading comprehension and writing skills in the least restricted environment possible at this time. Dylan will be removed from his regular peer to address those weakness for 5 days per week for 45 mins in an EC classroom …show more content…

The IEP team considered not to select “Regular” or “Resource” as the level educational placement, but rejected the “Resource” educational placement as it was determined that a “Regular” level of educational placement was the least restrictive amount of time needed to accomplish the established goals. In addition to, the team considered not to take in consideration the frequency of services {45 mins 5 days per week for reading intervention to be served in the EC classroom and 2 days per week in the Reg Ed classroom for ELA support} but rejected this option as well to serve Dylan in the least restricted environment possible. No issues to warrant Extended School Year at this time due not enough time has laps in order to determine whether Dylan’s ability to maintain skills over an extended period of time has been adequately

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