Tda 2.1 Narrative Report

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I am going to focus on a child I support in an MLD school. *Jack is a Primary 2 student who has attended our school since nursery. He is diagnosed as having ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), MLD (Moderate learning difficulties), SEBD (Social, emotional and behavioural difficulties). He is nonverbal and is currently being toilet trained. His frustration with not being able to communicate using words often results in him lashing out, trying to harm himself and others. *Jack struggles with social interaction. When encouraging other children in the class to involve *Jack, it shows that his peers fear him due to past episodes. *Jacks size and violent nature requires him to be supported on a 2:1 basis. Myself and a fellow classroom assistant work …show more content…

We communicate daily with *Jacks mother through a home/school diary. At the beginning of each new term the class teacher, along with members of the SLT and *Jacks mother come up with new targets for his IEP (individual Education Plan). (Book 1 ST8 2.2) Our school likes to follow the saying: “It is every child’s right to be heard, listened to and taken seriously and to be consulted.’’ We believe that every child is entitled to an education no matter what background they are from. We encourage our staff to listen to the suggestions and needs of our children and take all matters seriously, building an inclusive community on trust and self-worth. The Salamaca statement and framework for action on special needs education 1994 (UNESCO, 1994) also states ‘Each child’s learning needs are different’ (Book 1:ST6 CH2:PG157-158) As an inclusive school that is why we adapt our lessons, So *Jack so can cope. It may mean that at some stages in *Jacks education we need to come off the curriculum and concentrate on *Jacks wellbeing, reintroducing the curriculum when *Jack is

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