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A quote by Benjamin Disraeli said, “ Change is inevitable. Change is constant.” This quote illustrates how everyone goes through changes in their life, no matter their situation. This quote is clearly shown in Lord of the Flies as all the characters changed throughout the story. In Golding’s story several boys crash land on an island and are stuck without any adults. Throughout the story the boys are faced with many obstacles that they must overcome and they often change trying to overcome those challenges. One character that had many changes was Jack, which include being a choir boy leader to being a tribe leader, growing more dangerous and aggressive as the story went on, and having the urge to hunt more. The first way Jack changed in the book was he went from being an egotistical choir leader to a fierce tribe leader. As the boys were painting their faces Jack, “looked in astonishment, no longer at himself but an awesome stranger” (Golding, 1954, p. 63). This quote is taken from a part in the book where Jack is starting to gain more power and some boys were starting to paint their faces. This continues to show up later in the book and is a big part of Jack’s tribe. Painting his face forms a mask that hides himself from his …show more content…

In the story, Jack faces many problems that he has to overcome which include, not having all the power at the beginning of the book and risking his “manliness” because he was too scared to kill a pig. All which leads his character to have numerous changes as the story went on. Golding clearly showed Jack turning from a proper choir boy to a full out savage by the end of the book. This is important because it shows it is human nature to change as you face hard problems in life. It also shows that no matter who you are, you are going to change someway as you go through your story, just like Jack did in the

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