Psy 270 Week 5 Case Study Of Education

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Madison was referred for a full psycho-educational evaluation as one part of her mandated three-year re-evaluation process. Madison has a current special education classification of Other Health Impaired, secondary to Neurofibromatosis. She is educated within a general education classroom; in addition, Madison attends resource room daily for 40 minutes in a five student to teacher ratio classroom (5:1). She receives counseling services with a counselor for thirty minutes twice a month. Her testing accommodations include extended time (1.5) and refocusing/redirection. Program modifications include special seating arrangements, refocusing and redirection, check for understanding and a copy of class notes. A vision consultation service is provided once a month for 45 minutes in the classroom setting. The current evaluation included an assessment of seven areas of cognitive processing, through the …show more content…

She doesn 't display any significant externalizing or conduct problems in school. Madison mother reports high levels of hyperactive behaviors at home. Madison demonstrates good social and communication skills, creativity, works well in groups and is able to work under pressure in school. In the home, Madison displays difficulties with organizations and leadership skills. Mrs. Crilley reports higher levels of inattentive behaviors in addition to difficulty with schoolwork and performance. Madison is at-risk for anxiety, in addition to clinically significant levels of self- control. Furthermore, she identified feelings of depression, low self- esteem and anxiety. Reports of Madison’s behavior display high levels of stress with taking exams. Although her personal adjustment composite was within the average range, Madison demonstrates her difficulty with her self-esteem, which can impact her school and home

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