Psy 230 Week 4 Case Study In A Small Business

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Guy is a pastry chef at the hotel, in which Bruno advised Guy of the position. Guy has a second job in north Scottsdale at the restaurant Pretentious Petit Four, which is owned by Bruno. At Guy’s second job Guy signed a covenant contract asserting upon leaving Pretentious Petit Four, Guy would not accept employment in any form of a baker within an eighty-mile radius of Scottsdale, for the following five years. Guy has dreams of being a business owner of his own bakery the Craven Croissant, in Phoenix, particularly the Maryvale area. Guy wants to form a corporation with you also with any other directors of the corporation who would own the bakery as well. Because Maryvale is within eighty miles of Scottsdale, Bruno is threatening to sue Guy;

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