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Christmas is not a happy time for everyone. Some individuals actually find that their mood suffers during the festive period as a result of the cold weather, a lack of family and friends or the winter depression seasonal affective disorder (SAD). The good news is that if any of those symptoms sound familiar I have 4 festive tips that can help improve your mood this year.


The foods you eat can have a major effect on your mood. Consuming large amounts of poor quality foods can lead to your blood glucose levels surging and falling rapidly which results in feelings of tiredness and moodiness. This is a particular problem over Christmas when tasty treats are constantly on offer. Consuming good foods can have the exact opposite effect and make you feel good. …show more content…

This health disorder affects approximately 7% of the people in the UK and can lead to depression, irritability, sleep problems, stress and more. The good news is that 85% of SAD cases can be treated effectively with the use of a light box (a specially designed, light emitting box that can be purchased from many retailers).


Failing to get enough sleep can make you grumpy and miserable at any time of year. However, over Christmas you generally get less sleep because your social calendar is a lot fuller. So around the holiday season it is extra important to make sure you are getting a good amount of sleep. Taking naps and having the occasional early night are 2 great methods you can use to catch up on your sleep.


As I said earlier in this article, Christmas is not normally associated with negative feelings. However, if you feel like your mood needs picking up this year give these strategies a try. Not only will they help improve your mood but they will also help you keep your diet and exercise routine in check and maintain your Christmas

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