My Country Mineral Zucchini Analysis

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My Country Mineral Zucchini

“Yee-haw,” mimics Fred as I turn on 97.3, and House Party comes on. He honestly makes me want to curl in a ball and die when he tries to make fun of my music with his lame attempts especially when he knows not to talk to me.

“Hahahaha,” Paige loudly reacted to Fred 's horrible attempt to make me laugh, I however did not show emotion as I usually do around my family.

“Hey no,” I try to defend my taste in music because music has feelings and I take it as my duty to defend those feelings.

“Do you like that?” Fred directed this question more at Paige than me, probably because he knows I wouldn 't acknowledge his question. But on the bright side everyone in my family ignores each other so it wasn’t a big shocker …show more content…

“Erika, Erika, hi, haha,” Paige Snowball said as if it was the funniest thing in the world, and did not seize to amaze me at ho she was the same age as myself.

“Darn it play christmas music,” I just wanted to listen to my holiday music so i could sing along and have a christmas party in a car. I am rather passionate on all holidays because we usually get off school so when the christmas music comes on I realize we are approaching the winter break, which really isn’t a winter break rather than a christmas, hanukkah, kwanzaa break.

Paige suddenly turned serious and said, in a rather harsh tone, “Ok here 's the rule were passing on, you are not allowed to ask when we are getting results and do not ask to get them today, bottom line is, just don 't ask.” Paige never got serious so people who were not superior to her actually heeded her warning, I on the other hand just knew not to talk about it period.

“I’m not, but I want them,” Erika promised, her and Paige are the same social level so they take acknowledgement of what the others are saying but don’t find it super necessary to take what they are saying to heart.

“Don’t ask, we will get them if you don 't ask.” Bethany has kept our routines a secret for about 2 weeks so we were all really …show more content…

“Why are they like so reserved about it I don’t get it?” Paige asked just to clarify her thoughts. Although for the past 3 years no one knows why it is so serious, we all compete against each other and go through trials which is exactly how it sounds, kind of similar to how cut sports work at Turpin. “Greg, Greg, my best friend by Greg,” Paige is quite enthusiastic about Erikas dad, although I am the same with Kenny, Paige’s dad.

“Byeeeeeee, bye Mr.,” that was my farewell to Greg, Erika and Reilly are better friends with Paige that 's why Paige adores Greg. I on the other hand am just best friends with Kenny.

“Are we last?” Erika’s father asked to make sure he wasn’t the cause of us staying in the parking lot any longer than we

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