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  • Country Music Essay

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    term “Country Music” you probably think of the honky-tonk, banjo playing, rural area, type of music. Although that can be the case, there are many characteristics and subgenres of country music. Some of the most popular and well-known country artists include George Strait, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, and the more modern artists including Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton, and Brad Paisley. Although these artists are all considered country music stars, they all have a unique style and type of music that they

  • Essay On Country Music

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    Country music begins back in the 1800s. Individuals would play instruments such as fiddles, banjos, and guitars on their porches after a days worth of work. Back then technology such as radios and televisions was not even a thought. Therefore, country music was one of the first genres of modern American popular music, and old-time music was its earliest style. It developed in the southern states of the United States as a mix of folk music from the British Isles, church music and African American

  • Stereotypes Of Country Music

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    From Tennessee to Florida, country music has been the number one stereotype for people of the Southern United States. If the radio is on, then the song is expected to be about riding a tractor in a hay field or falling in love with a girl in a white sundress. Country music has brought several generations of people together through the various types, relatable topics, kind hearted artists, and the history behind the genre. Country music has been one of the most commonly listen to genres for centuries

  • Country Music Influence On American Culture

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    and their way of life in the form of music. In the early nineteen-hundreds America was beginning to form their own genre of music, which would come to be known as country music. When we think of country music, we often think of hillbillies, cowboys, a pair of boots and blue jeans, but it's much more than that. Country music is more than just songs; it's become a way of life in America. Country music was formed out of the genre of Appalachian folk music in the southern United States. Before

  • The Rise Of Country Music In The 1920's

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    The advent of record and radio improved early country performers in a way that helped in the early twentieth century. They improved it by being able to do an everyday activity at home, riding horses, be transported, and just take walks while listening to their own recorded broadcast or radio station. Record and radio conditions also made a difference in the musicians time period due to the Royal performers being able to advertise their shows or play their own broadcast for free. After realizing record

  • Country Music Essay

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    roller coaster of a ride with country music. For about two years in middle school, I would constantly tune into my local country music radio station, 98.7 WMZQ, to listen to the new hits. I began to fall in love with country music, as I even sang Garth Brooks’s, “The River” at my eighth-grade talent show. I was obsessed with the fun beats and funky lyrics about trucks and tractors. Then country music and I broke up, and I hated it. When people asked what kind of music I liked, I would say, “I like

  • King George Strait's Impact On Country Music

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    and sang in a small country band while stationed in Hawaii. Later, when he came back from the army, he started performing in a country band. That lead to getting signed to a record label, and his career took off. George Strait is a very successful country musician who gave country music a newer sound and made an impact on country music today. Many people call him “King George” because of how popular he is in the music industry , and because of the ways he has affected country music today.

  • Personal Narrative: I Love Country Music

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    “I love country music, most people think it is cringey but it is the best music out there.” “Seriously? Where have you been all my life? Country is the only thing I listen to.” He turned on the radio, “You've got that beautiful born with it kind of thing, it comes so natural, no baby don't ever change, and I wonder when I see the smile on your face, baby, what did I do to ever get a girl like you.” He sung out and looked adorable doing it. * * About 40 country songs later we finally arrived in

  • Country Music: The Devil Went Down To Georgia

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    Country music has various types of song types. One of these types of songs are ballad songs, ballad songs tell a story through the lyrics and the music. A famous ballad song from 1979 is “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” by the Charlie Daniels Band. The song tells a story of a fiddler challenging the devil to a fiddle contest. Another ballad song from 2009 is “The Baptism of Jesse Taylor” by The Oak Ridge Boys. The song tells a tale of a troubled man who is baptized. Furthermore in 2012 Colt Ford

  • Modern Day Country Music

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    Country music has been evolving into what we call the modern day music. Country music used to be music that was about life and the good times and now it is about the love and break ups. Country music is changing from lifestyle and the way life actually was, like writing from the heart to what it is now. The modern day country is songs based off what people want to hear and what makes the money. One of the biggest artist from the traditional country music is Hank Williams Jr. and how he compares to

  • Music And Country Music Analysis

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    The music I listened to when I was younger and the music I listen to now is different and shows how much I’ve changed as a person. When I was younger, I listened to country music. It told stories of love, relationships, and having a good time. The music I listen to now speaks out against the flaws of society and it opens my eyes to reality. As a person, I have drastically changed from a naïve and ignorant child to a wise and realistic adult. The music I listened to back then and the music I listen

  • Final Lyrical Analysis: Alcohol Use In Country Music

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    assignment, my common theme has been alcohol use in country music. As a country music fan, the close tie between the genre and alcoholic beverages is not a new connection. Typically, country artists sing about either beer or whiskey, and they are seen in a positive light, drinking is viewed as a way to get the party going, or just as a way to wind down after a long hard day of blue-collar work. It is not uncommon to see unhealthy alcohol use in country music, people using alcohol as a way to numb the pain

  • Evolution Of Country Music Essay

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    Evolution of country music throughout the 20th century Do you ever enjoy listening to music to relieve stress or just in general? Many of us do, but have you ever thought about how your favorite music genre evolved over the years to what you listen to today? Well country music has a really complicated and interesting history of how it evolved throughout the 20th century. 1920s The music genre was first called country and western music and emerged in Bristol, Tennessee during the 1920s. Country music

  • Hunter Hayes And Hunterfrey: Traditional Country Music

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    “You know, traditional country music is something that’s going to be around forever.” George Strait (Jackson, “Country Music Quotes”). While Hunter Hayes’ style isn’t exactly traditional country, he has similar qualities to Roy Acuff- the most popular hillbilly singer of the swing era (Starr & Waterman, American Popular Music pg. 140). Hunter Hayes song “Wanted” is similar to the country music in the Swing Era in chapter six of American Popular Music. Hayes and Acuff are alike by how they both were

  • Rap Music Versus Country Music

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    Solovyev Rap versus Country Music. Two genres of music that are vastly different in my opinion are country and rap. Country music originated in Tennessee, while Rap music first started in South Africa. The reason that I think that these two types of music are different and I prefer one over the other is because of the artists who sing them and the sounds that come from each one, based on instruments that are used and type of dialogue that is used. I grew up listening to Rap music and the friend that

  • Country Music: Similarities Between Latin Music And Country

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    Our world has a lot of different kinds of music for everybody to listen. They all come from different cultures as their music comes from each of them. We all have different types of music to listen as we like. Music is a big thing for people because we are always around music. With two different types of music like Latin and country, so different yet similar to their background information. Latin music has it owns rhythmic and characteristics. Where they came from is a completely a different

  • Drug Use In Country Music

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    Country music has gone through several changes over the years that some fans have embraced while others fans have shunned the changes. This popular genre originated in the southeastern states back in the early 1900’s and was well known for the indulgent sounds of stringed instruments such as the banjo, fiddle, and guitar. Many early country songs contained lyrics that told the stories of a love-stricken, or a heart broken cowboy. The country songs of old were adored by many different types of individuals

  • Three Reasons Why I M A Country Music Lover

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    I’m a country music lover for three reasons. The first reason, is because I can listen to a song and can tell you what the song is called. I can do that because i’ve listened to country music so much that now I can just basically name the song and the artist. The second reason, would be because most of the music on my phone is all country. On my phone scene I have so many song that I actually have a whole playlist with country music on it. My finally reason, is because when i’m in the truck with

  • Country Music Research Paper

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    Country music is a genre that was inspired by folk style church music from the British Isles, and it came to the United States in the 1700’s. It grew in the Appalachian Mountain region where it was finally established in Bristol, Tennessee, which is now considered to be the birthplace of country music (Birthplace of Country Music). In the 1900’s, country music started to become more popular with the rise of the recording industry, however as this time, artists had to travel to New York to record

  • Country Music Research Paper

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    The Famous Country Music vs The Controversial Rap For many years there have been a big argument about two large commodities of music. The famous Country music that had emerge from the southern parts of America in the 1920s and the one and only falling-out Rap that was discovered in 1979. Society argued for years if Country music was better than Rap and is Rap similar or different than Country music. But over the years both industries have been even in popularity and they both have similar styles