The Rise Of Country Music In The 1920's

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The advent of record and radio improved early country performers in a way that helped in the early twentieth century. They improved it by being able to do an everyday activity at home, riding horses, be transported, and just take walks while listening to their own recorded broadcast or radio station. Record and radio conditions also made a difference in the musicians time period due to the Royal performers being able to advertise their shows or play their own broadcast for free. After realizing record executives were seeking marketing for “authentic hillbilly music” they traveled to the royal South where they relocated and made offers with money from musicians more efficiently. Many of country music artists we're not professionals but these records and radio improved their differences in their own lives in the 1920’s. Although many working-class people made music with their own kind without radios, that didn't stop them from making their music in churches. …show more content…

Many people enjoyed listening to this kind of country music while riding their horse, taking a walk, or even traveling through train! Many of the country music songs would tell about their love, life, or family and making a difference in musicians. Songs of this era would be played on recordings, including the famous “Grand Ole Opry”, and on radio shows by advertising. I do think that these themes have changed very much in modern country music. This is because back then there songs use to be very subtle and lots of jazz, now a-days our country music have lots of instruments with classical music to it and strong voice to sing different harmonies. Although country music now pervades much of the nation’s airwaves, albums and songs have also been more expensive with the prices due to its

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