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  • Characteristics Of Community Radio

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    According to Partridge the term ‘Community Radio’ was first coined by Powell in 1965 in a leaflet entitled ‘Possibilities for Local Radio’. However, the idea of locally embedded small-scale radio, produced and controlled by citizens had been around for a while (for example US amateur broadcasters before World War I). Localism is considered to be one of the defining characteristics of Community Radio (CR) and media. Starting from the 1970s, scholars have been laying greater emphasis on grassroots

  • Community Radio Essay

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    occurred with the invention of the radio and its utilization for broadcasting of information from a central source to any and everywhere equipped with a radio receiving device. This is communication from one to many. By the beginning 1930s,almost all over the world radio broadcasting for information transmission over wide communities and areas had been established .From than onwards we could say that the information was becoming more and more electronic -based. In the 1950s began the transmission

  • Political Criticism Of Radio

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    Radio is the radiation of electromagnetic energy through space. The biggest use of radio waves is to carry information, such as sound, by systematically changing some property of the radiated waves, such as their amplitude, frequency, phase, or pulse width. When radio waves strike an electrical conductor, the oscillating fields induce an alternating current in the conductor. The information in the waves can be extracted and transformed back into its original form. Radio systems need a transmitter

  • Mass Radio Technology Essay

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    Mass radio technology is also another technical advancement of World War 1. When the World War 1 started, the US army used the packet set as the communication apparatus. The packet set was a colossal gadget that occupied two wooden chests, and it would be carried by two male donkeys or horses. As the war went on smaller and lighter devices were invented. These devices had clear sound filtration and reception compared to the packet set. In 1880, the US launched an official radiophone that was accepted

  • Radio Frequency Identification System

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    Bus identification system for the blind using Radio frequency identification technique Arathi Chandrasekar, Member, IEEE Abstract—This paper proposes a bus system design based on Radio Frequency Identification Technique (RFID) for the visually impaired. This system consists of an RFID is a technology that uses radio waves to automatically locate objects using a unique identification number attached to it. In developing countries, the blind face a lot of difficulties while commuting using the public

  • Importance Of University Radio

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    CHAPTER I Introduction Background of the Study Radio is one of the major means used in communication. Undeniably, Radio is accessible to people all day long. People could listen while inside the car, jeeps or on mobile phones. And because of that the radio could be used anywhere and everywhere. In the morning, if someone wants knowledge about what is happening around them, they could just turn on the radio and listen to the news. In the afternoon, if someone wants to relax and be entertained at

  • Radio Disc Jockey Or DJ: Mass Communication Positioner

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    1. Why to be a? Radio Disc Jockey or DJ is my first career option for a mass communication practitioner because when I was in high school I started to listen on radio and I’m amazed to those DJ who spokes very well and handle their listeners in a good way. On how they communicate to the person who calls and give them an advice in a straight forward. Even though they don’t know the caller’s in person. DJ handles their work softly. I am also curious on how they play the music on air using music technology

  • Essay On Radio Advertising

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    Radio Advertising: Advantages and disadvantages of Radio Advertising: Advantages:  From radio we can choose whom to reach (like teenagers, families, men, etc) and choose a format (news, talk, rock, etc) according to it. The vast options of radio program formats offers us to target customers very efficiently.  An advertisement on radio is less expensive than an advertisement on TV and much easier to produce.  Radio Advertisement can be produced very quickly.  We can select the station and time

  • Radio Malaysia Swot Analysis

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    Radio Television Malaysia (RTM) first launched at bla&white TV on December 28, 1963. The launching was conducted by the Prime Minister Tuanku Abdul Rahman and also the first person who shows up on the program was Raja Iskandar with the introduction of Channel 1, which on air from its temporary studio in Dewan Tuanku Abdul Rahman in Jalan Ampang Kuala Lumpur. During the era,the timeslot was from 6.00pm to 9.00pm on the weekdays and on weekends from 6.00pm to 11.00pm. Lastly on October 6, 1969 RTM

  • Essay On Positive Effects Of Radio

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    Positive Effects of Radio within Entertainment, Interaction, and Literacy What is radio? It is a combination of sound effects, music, dialogue and even silence. What is radio to you? Radio is a more a personal thing. Radio has no boundaries. Radios’ signals dissolves mountain barriers and crosses deep oceans. Radio helps to close other distances of culture, learning or status. (McLeish, 2005). There is no limitation on the setting. Radio overcome anything and that’s the reason why radio is always on demand

  • Radio, And The Characters In The Movie Radio

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    James as known as Radio is the character with a disability in the 2003 movie Radio. He is concerned mental disable which would be classified as intellectually disable. The term intellectual disability replaced mental retardation which was used in past. Students with intellectual disability may exhibit the following characteristics: language developmental delays, limited academic skills, significant need for social skill development difficulty with generalizing knowledge and skills, challenges with

  • Rad Branding Research Paper

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    brought to bear radio transmission enabling free flow of information to the target audience and the landscape has seen an increase in the time people spend with entertainment during their leisure times (Zillmann and Vorderer, 2009). Communication is cardinal to the growth and prosperity of industries. It bonds the relationship of organizations and makes sure that organizations maintain their effectiveness. It gives people and organizations the opportunity to learn new things. Radio broadcasting has

  • Communication And Communication: The Components Of Wireless Communication

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    The term “Wireless communication” was introduced in the 19th century and this technology has been developed over the subsequent years. It all began when Marconi succeeded in transmitting radio transmissions over the Atlantic and today every part of the world is within one’s reach. Wireless communication is the transfer of information between two or more points that are not connected by an electrical conductor. It is one of the most important mediums of transmission of information from one device

  • Advantages Of SDR

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    SDR can act as a key enabling technology for a variety of other reconfigurable radio equipments. While SDR is not required to implement any of these radio types, SDR technologies can provide the above types of radio with the flexibility necessary for them to achieve their full potential, the benefits of which can help to reduce cost and increase system efficiencies. It takes time for a new technology to evolve from the lab to the field. Since SDR is relatively new, it is not yet clear where it can

  • Essay On Public Broadcasting

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    What is Public Broadcasting? Public broadcasting is normally a form of broadcast that doesn’t include broadcast for commercial service but entirely for public service. This is mostly includes radio, television and other electronic media outlets. Most of public broadcasting channels are operated by private non-profit organizations. They can be nationally or locally operated, depending on the country and the station. Unlike private commercial broadcasting, public service broadcasting must be concerned

  • Disadvantages Of Digital Marketing Essay

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    Before the televisions were created there was only radios and the time to keep people entertained. The radios were created in the 20th century for broadcasting music and live broadcasting. Originally it was usually the same the songs were repeated over and over again until there were more artists who started to record more music and that’s when radio become popular with home entertainment for years and years. The word television was used now and again in the early 1900s, but it wasn’t until 1940

  • Assignment 1: Understanding Aircraft Radar System

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    RADAR ( Radio Detecting

  • Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Media

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    According to Laughey (2007:1), media are easy to list (television, film, radio and newspapers) but harder to define. Nevertheless, he suggests that media are means of spreading news or knowledge amongst a wider audience throughout a region, country or even the globe. Boyd (2010:18) states that media is a broad term which covers several platforms that facilitate getting intended information by the public or its sectors. In addition, there is no limit of themes that media deal with and there is no

  • Essay On Microwaves

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    wavelengths. The electromagnetic spectrum is specified into seven regions which started from the lowest wavelength, highest frequency and energy. Then, microwaves located between the radio waves and infrared which also means that the microwaves is overlap with the highest frequency and also known as the shortest wavelength of the radio waves. With the speed of light, microwaves travels in vacuum. Microwaves can be split into three categories, which is three different ranges, from high frequency to low frequency

  • Essay On Electromagnetic Waves

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    the electromagnetic radiations, I chose radio waves. Radio waves are one of the type of electromagnetic radiation, similar to microwaves, infrared radiation, X-rays and gamma rays. They are best known as the use for communication, television, cellphones and radios. They all receive radio waves and convert them to vibrations in the speaker so that we can hear from it. Radio waves have the longest wavelengths according to the EM spectrum. According to NASA, radio waves have the length ranging from about