Analysis Of Hillbilly Music: The Birth Of Country Music

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Hillbilly music was the main genre of music for rural white American’s during the 1920’s. During our class discussion of hillbilly music, I immediately related the genre as the birth of country music today. Hillbilly music was an artistic expression by the people of the rural south. This concept is very similar to the country music that is produced today by musicians from the south who write their music based on what it is like to live in the country. During the time period of the 1920’s, Hillbilly music was only produced and sang by white Americans. The country music of our society today does not follow the ideology that country music can only be made by white Americans. Country music artists of multiple ethnicities can be found in our society today. Darius Rucker is an African American country artist who is quite popular on the billboard charts today. This is in deep contrast to the hillbilly music decade when no African-Americans were making hillbilly records. …show more content…

Hillbilly records were the start of the southern culture in America related to the ideas of living out in the countryside with a

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