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Country Music Will Continue to Rise with Billy Currington We all know what one-hit wonders are. They are those singers who have tried to make it big but fell short of fuel and later faced oblivion after that one humongous track. Sadly, the music industry is just about identifying which singer would have the staying power, and much as how passion and determination wants to keep up with the game, fame is just not for everyone. While there are a lot of singers who have been classified as a one-hit wonder, there are some who are experiencing otherwise. With the right infusion of looks, talent and undying urgency to be on top, there are singers who managed to somehow establish their name, despite the not-so-huge following. They are the ones who …show more content…

As of current date, Currington have released six very successful studio albums since he started out with Mercury Nashville Records in 2003. It is quite a surprise that out of the six LPs, he emerged victorious via the seventeen tracks which topped the charts of Billboard 's Country Airplay and Hot Country Songs. The albums which helped Billy Currington achieve what he has right now are Billy Currington (2013), Doin ' Somethin ' Right (2005), Little Bit of Everything (2008), Enjoy Yourself (2010), We Are Tonight (2013) and Summer Forever (2015). His second album, Doin ' Somethin ' Right have been deemed as the most successful which effectively touched country music fans and ended with a Platinum status. His self-entitled debut album have generally made it big as well and placed first in Billboard 's US Heat Charts in 2003. Little Bit of Everything and Enjoy Yourself have been both heralded with Gold status while the last two albums have generally sold almost 400,000 US dollars combined. As for his numerous tracks that have been well-praised, the most remembered includes Good Directions, People Are Crazy, That 's How Country Boys Roll, Pretty Good at Drinkin ' Beer, Let Me Down Easy, Hey Girl and

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