Rock N Roll's Influence On American Culture

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In the 1950’s, America was just starting to develop a common culture. Platforms like The Ed Sullivan Show, were uniting Americans while maintaining the conservative values of the time. Many Americans tried to hold onto the lifestyle and values they were so used to, but the times were changing. The number of women in the workforce doubled, African Americans were fighting segregation, and a new teenage culture was developing. Music, rock n’ roll at that time, became a way to make up the differences between Americans. Elvis Presley, a poor southern boy, made major waves by singing what most considered solely race music enticing teenagers and angering disapproving parents. This changed the common culture of the time by breaking down at least some of the barriers between whites and blacks through teenagers love of music.…show more content…
Music was a way most teenagers found an outlet. Rock n’ roll first arrived on the music scene as race music and it wasn’t until teenagers started requesting radio stations to play it that it started to become more widely popular. By accepting this music, Americans were opening themselves to a whole new culture of things that would soon come to influence the nation.
Elvis got the ball rolling by allowing America a slow transition into being more accepting. He was a white man singing what was considered race music. He got the world ready for the likes of Michael Jackson to come a
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