Elvis Presley Persuasive Essay

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Elvis faced many obstacles during his 24 years as the “King” he faced racial controversy, musical barriers, and bad press in order to help create Rock and Roll music. Long before Rock n Roll was created or even thought of, the musical world was divided over petty differences. One of the many reasons why music was divided was the heavy racism that plagued the United States since the end of slavery. Another reason why music was divided was the fact of a huge generation gap, or difference between parent and child. These are some of the challenges that Elvis faced.

One way Elvis Presley propelled himself into superstardom was his mix of blues, R&B, country, and rockabilly. Although some adults of the generation found this music to be too dangerous for the mainstream, many teenages of the day found this new music to be very exciting and electrifying. In a way this made Elvis even more popular in the eyes of his now large and constantly growing …show more content…

An unexpected event happened that made all protesters to his music celebrate. Elvis had received his draft card and was on his way to serve in the Armed Forces and this event forced him out of the limelight. This would show his true colors because he could either sign up for Special Services which means he go through basic training then entertain the troops with concerts that were put on once in a great while or sign up to be a regular soldier in the Military. Elvis made the difficult choice and proved that he was more that his looks or money, he signed up to be a regular soldier in the Army and in doing so he gained the respect of the people who only a couple years prior were condemning him. The sudden change of heart that many people had a positive push in getting his career back on track after his service in the Military. This is how Elvis Presley gained the respect of the adults of his

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