Live At The Apollo Analysis

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We all know that the power of the Black community in America came from deep in their soul. Their strength and will to fight segregation , and their love can be felt in the civil rights movement. Their ability to express their minds in a non- violent way connects to the soul music that James Brown created. James Brown’s music was a mixture of R&B and gospel. Which in a way connects to what Dr. Martin Luther King was trying to do during the civil rights movement. His album “ Live at the Apollo” almost didn’t happen because King Records refuse to pay for a live album which was very expensive to record at that time. James Brown turned away from them and put his own money on the table to produce one of the best live albums ever. He was a creative and intelligent businessman and artist. With the help of his …show more content…

His voice is a reflection of the protesting going on during the time. His song “ I'll go crazy” relates to the way people were feeling. Even though it is a song about love it also shows what people wanted during the time. People were fighting for their rights and even though they were united during their fight for equality everyone was doing it for their own cause. Everyone had a personal goal for themselves during the civil rights movement. And people connect with that, in his song he mentions that we must live for ourselves “ you've got to live for yourself, yourself and nobody else.” ( I'll go crazy) James Brown music not only represented the struggles of the Black community but also it’s soul power and adds a romantic side to his performance. His songs “ Try Me” and “ I don’t mind”are a perfect example “ I don’t mind, your body and soul, I don’t mind your love.” ( James Brown) He was the type of man that people wanted to hear to fall in love. He was great at expressing his soul and love through his music, which was exactly what the black community had during

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