Jimi Hendrix: A Tragic Hero

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Jimi Hendrix was the most famous American rock guitarist in my heart. He has multi talent, he can sing and play the guitar skillfully at the same time, also he is a songwriter. He was born in Seattle, Washington on November 27, 1942. Started playing guitar at age 15, when he first got his guitar from his father as a gift. He loves rock music and he also plays blues and R&B music. In 1960s, Jimi Hendrix become very well known by his techniques of his guitar play and his passionate of performance on the stage. When he is on the stage, he really put himself into the music that he plays, his excitement of music just can turn people to hype. People don’t care about his skin color, they think he is a great guitarist and singer, they just want to see him play when he is on the stage, but they never care about who is he playing with or where does he come from. …show more content…

They really did think he has unique voices with his music, especially the rhythm in his voices. Jimi Hendrix desires to be better every day, and he very rarely satisfied with his work. He really put himself into the music, his friends around him often see him with his guitar all the time. They never see Jimi Hendrix without his guitar in hands. Everywhere he went, he has a guitar with him, and he was very happy when he playing his music. I think this is the unique of Jimi Hendrix. The reason why he was musically and culturally an anomaly might because of he only wants to communicate with people through his music, but not by talking with

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