How Did James Brown Change Society

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James joseph brown, a name that will be remembered throughout history for lifetimes to come. To understand how he changed society throughout the world we must start from the beginning. James brown was born May 3rd, 1933 in Barnwell, SC in extreme poverty, James Brown worked his way to the top of the funk and R&B. When James was 16, he was arrested for stealing a car, there he met music producer Bobby byrd and together they changed the world. When both brown and byrd returned from prison byrd ask brown to join his R&B vocal group,”The Gospel Starlights”. Brown dominated the group and later renamed it “Famous flames”, the group performed at many local nightclubs. The group performed a song called” Please, Please, Please for a record company …show more content…

assassination. Boston officials urged Brown to perform live on telivison hoping it will make teens-agers stay home and watch instead of rioting in the streets and it worked, boston was quiet. Meanwhile, other cities - Chicago, Oakland, Calif., New York, Baltimore, Detroit, Denver, Memphis, San Francisco, Pittsburgh - burst into riots. Brown devoted a bulk of his time to social issues, including the civil rights movement and the vietnam war. Brown’s relentless work ethic resulted in a plethora of timeless music that not only birthed inspiration for future icons, but also shaped pop music. Even through was a high school dropout he promoted education claiming “Without an education, you might as well be dead.” He also created the 1966 song “Don't be a dropout”, to inspire children to take education seriously because without it life will get complicated. “In his life, he had to face many obstacles, but through determination, he changed his life cycle.Through all his problems he always seem to find away to bounce back, Considering the environment in which James grew up certainly had an impact on his life. Segregation had an impact on how he viewed the world, he felt that everyone should be treated equally. James’s moral belief was that blacks should have a choice, and have the same opportunities as others.” James brown also influenced many other artist who

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