Tupac And My Non Thug Life Analysis

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In Tupac and My Non- Thug Life Jenée Desmond writes a vividly narrated story about a well-known rapper Tupac Shukar and how she relates her image and identity connection with the former rapper. Raised in the white suburb town and the only black high school cheerleader Tupac 's music and lyrics helped her get through her interracial blend as an African American teen. Jenée expresses her emotions toward her former icon as a teen girl. In the contribution to his death, Jenée Recalls vivid descriptions of her obsession with her image through her teen-hood, when his passing accrued Jenée recollects her past and explains her vivid descriptions when he passed away. She described the moment of his death a tragic moment. In the article, Jenée mentions “ his music represented a part of me that was forced and privileged to confront what it meant to be black” even though she never met him his movements as an African, lyricist and rapper made an impact in her life. She mourned over his death with her friend Thea, another African …show more content…

However, these Girl didn 't and show different discretion compare to the secular celebrity. Jeneé and Thea are two high school girls trying to understand life and the infliction of their color ethnicity. The innocence a side of their up bring by their two white mothers. They lived a flourishing life they privileged blessing but perhaps also trying to make sense out of their colored young life was a challenge growing. Their army salvation style was an imitation look between Tupac tattoos and the former MTV beautiful singer Aaliyah. Music and colored celebrities are there mentor guide as they transition to young adults. Jenee gives you an impression of a lost girl trying to find herself through music. Battling the everyday life of her color. Rapper Tupac lyric kept her going in her culture and stay to forever remembered where she came from, not just a privilege suburb girl, but a Black and proud interracial black girl holding on to her black

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