Motown Record History

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Michigan, the heart of urban industrialization, undertook a blend of progressing experimental music with the persistent oppression of African Americans socially and culturally. Because Michigan was at its height of economic profits from technologically advanced products, such as car motors, positions for blacks were difficult to achieve. As for entertainment in the music industry, the “history of black owned record labels had been marked by frustration, cynicism, and unfulfilled potential” (George 52). Berry Gordy, inspired by these influences, decided to introduce a new perspective on African American’s capabilities of creating music that would connect with troubling conflicts, locally and globally. Additionally, the existence of civil right movements influenced blacks to further strive for justice. Establishing Motown Records as an independent black label challenged the doubt existing throughout the community, yet appealed to audiences of different backgrounds, thus uniting Michigan into a society more inclined to give underrepresented groups a change to express their beliefs. (Ca. 1960-1970) By living in a dominantly white, conservative environment, Motown Records initiated a foundation for socio-cultural acceptance in the Michigan music industry which clashed with ongoing racial divisions within and outside of the company, yet followed …show more content…

Because Civil Rights Movements played a vital role in empowering the African Americans, Motown Records advocated for such actions and became equally as involved in hopes of strengthening the impacts of Civil Rights. Motown Records were highly accepting towards any aspiring individual who felt as if he/she desired to speak their mind and introduce a new perspective. However, there are numerous advantages and disadvantages to

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