The Influence Of The Selma March: The Black Lives Matter Movement

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There have been many movements in the United States in which African Americans have been the focal point for example the Selma March, the March on Washington, the civil rights movement, and even today the Black Lives Matter movement. Those movements have had a significant impact on the United States and still play a part in today’s society. Those movements still play a part in today’s society because without those movements there wouldn’t be a Black Lives Matter because African Americans wouldn’t have the courage to stand up a fight for their rights if it wasn’t for Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, or the many other activists that stood up for African-American rights. Selma and the March on Washington share a big relationship to the Black Lives Matter and they are just as important to the civil rights movement. …show more content…

led a march from Selma, Alabama to Montgomery, Alabama. The march is widely known and he also gave a speech just like his “I Have A Dream” speech in Washington, the speech was called “How Long? Not Long”. The Selma march and the March on Washington have a big relationship with the Black Lives Matter movement in which all movements involve African Americans fighting for their rights. The Selma and Black Lives Matter movement both were started when a Caucasian person wrongfully killed an African American. The Black Lives Matter movement also would never have started without the Selma March or the March on Washington because African Americans would be too afraid to stand up to the man if it wasn’t for those activists and those protestors that stood up for their rights, that fought their rights, and that were killed for their

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