Rockabilly Essays

  • Elvis Presley Informative Essay

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    Presley was one of the earliest to make rockabilly popular. Rockabilly is an uptempo, backbeat-driven fusion of country music and rhythm and blues. He later added drummer P.J. Fontana to complete the band’s line up. He created his first song there called “My Happiness”. This song helped him gain a large fan-base, and helped him become more popular in the American music industry. Presley soon added gospel, blues, and pop influences into his rock and roll/rockabilly sound. Making it more popular to more

  • Johnny Cash Major Accomplishments

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    Force Johnny worked as a radio intercept officer. Soon after being discharged from the Airforce, Johnny formed a band with a couple of mechanics from work, and they went by the name Johnny Cash and the Tennessee two. Johnny Cash was viewed more as a rockabilly singer than anything

  • Johnny Cash Research Papers

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    Cash became part of a band called the Tennessee Two where he took the reigns on the acoustic guitar, Marshall Grant cranked out notes on bass, and Luther Perkins lit up the songs as lead electric guitarist. Later on, Cash became known from his rockabilly music style forming the Million Dollar Quartet with the assistance of the famous Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, and Jerry Lee

  • Elvis Presley Persuasive Essay

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    music was divided was the fact of a huge generation gap, or difference between parent and child. These are some of the challenges that Elvis faced. One way Elvis Presley propelled himself into superstardom was his mix of blues, R&B, country, and rockabilly. Although some adults of the generation found this music to be too dangerous for the mainstream, many teenages of the day found this new music to be very exciting and electrifying. In a way this made Elvis even more popular in the eyes of his now

  • How Did Elvis Presley Influence Pop Culture

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    Johnson. Many attribute this title to his popularity and the fact that he was able to draw the largest crowds, control the top of the charts, and sell the most records. What is sometimes overlooked is the fact that Elvis was able to bring gospel, rockabilly, country swing, blues and rhythm so effortlessly together with his voice and arrangements. The undeniable fact about his music is that it was filled with an energy and passion that couldn’t be resisted. This was evident in Elvis’ dance moves on

  • Johnny Cash Short Biography

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    guitarist, actor, and author comes to mind when thinking of the largest contributions to music in the 20th century. Primarily remembered as a country music icon, Johnny Cash spanned many genres in his decades long career, including rock and roll, rockabilly, blues, folk, and gospel. His deep, baritone voice is well known the world over. His rebelliousness as well as his image as "The Man in Black" is recognized as instantly as the stars and stripes themselves. John "J.R." Cash, was born on February

  • Rock N Roll's Influence On American Culture

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    In the 1950’s, America was just starting to develop a common culture. Platforms like The Ed Sullivan Show, were uniting Americans while maintaining the conservative values of the time. Many Americans tried to hold onto the lifestyle and values they were so used to, but the times were changing. The number of women in the workforce doubled, African Americans were fighting segregation, and a new teenage culture was developing. Music, rock n’ roll at that time, became a way to make up the differences

  • Should George Strait Deserve To Be In The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

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    A Young Troubadour The King of Country music deserves to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. George Strait is the only man in history to have a top ten hit every year for over three decades. With 33 platinum records, George Strait has more than any other country artist and 3rd across all genres. Behind Elvis Presley and The Beetles. George Strait has 60 number 1’s. More than any other artist in any genre. He has sold 70 million albums and earned more than 60 major entertainment industry awards

  • Country Music: The Devil Went Down To Georgia

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    Country music has various types of song types. One of these types of songs are ballad songs, ballad songs tell a story through the lyrics and the music. A famous ballad song from 1979 is “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” by the Charlie Daniels Band. The song tells a story of a fiddler challenging the devil to a fiddle contest. Another ballad song from 2009 is “The Baptism of Jesse Taylor” by The Oak Ridge Boys. The song tells a tale of a troubled man who is baptized. Furthermore in 2012 Colt Ford

  • How Did Elvis Presley's Impact On American Culture

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    Shortly after rock & roll was born, the fans chose a king. His name was Elvis Presley. The mere message of his name conjures up thousands of images. His explosive impact on music, dance and American culture changed the course of entertainment history. When he sang, he sang with both his heart and his body. He moved as if he were being jolted by electricity, scandalizing parents and leaving young fans wanting more. In the 1950’s Presley was obtaining a popularity unparalleled in theatrical history

  • Summary Of Folsom Prison Blues By Johnny Cash

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    Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues” was a hit song on Cash’s debut album With His Hot and Blue Guitar that helped bolster Cash’s musical career. “Folsom Prison Blues” was first recorded by Sun Records in the summer of 1955 reaching #4 on the Billboard Country and Westerners bestsellers chart. In 1968, “Folsom Prison Blues” was rerecorded during a live performance at Folsom Prison and was included on one of Cash’s most successful albums, At Folsom Prison. This recording reached #1 on the Billboard

  • Johnny Cash Research Papers

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    Omar De la mora Mr. Blackwell Humanities 1301 21 Nov. 2016 20th -Century Music Johnny Cash John R. "Johnny" Cash or Johnny Cash and known as "The Man in Black", was born on February 26, 1932, in Kingsland, Arkansas. Johnny Cash was an American singer-songwriter, guitarist, actor, and author, widely considered as one of the most influential musicians of the twentieth century. John was one of the best-selling music artists of all time, selling more than ninety million records worldwide. Although

  • Garth Brooks Research Papers

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    The artist I will be discussing for my research project is the country music legend and superstar, Garth Brooks. He has been a big fan of mine my entire life, and I love his music. When he was just starting out, he did not have much success. He went to Oklahoma State University and sang in a bar called Willy’s Saloon down on the Strip in Stillwater. Us Oklahomans always feel warm hearted towards stars like him that realize throughout all of his fame and success; he still remembers and is proud of

  • Johnny Cash's Life And Accomplishments

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    I first listened to Johnny Cash on a couple hour drive back from my Aunt and Uncles lake cabin, not really knowing who it was, listening to “Ring of Fire”, and “One Piece at a Time” on the car radio when I was around 7 are my earliest memories. Johnny had a rich voice that is iconic to anyone who knows him, he has hundreds of songs that are all great, even if a few i don't care for. He is a staple in country and rock history, playing alongside Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, and June Carter (who

  • Country Music Research Paper

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    Country music is a genre that was inspired by folk style church music from the British Isles, and it came to the United States in the 1700’s. It grew in the Appalachian Mountain region where it was finally established in Bristol, Tennessee, which is now considered to be the birthplace of country music (Birthplace of Country Music). In the 1900’s, country music started to become more popular with the rise of the recording industry, however as this time, artists had to travel to New York to record

  • Buck Owens Accomplishments

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    countless artists to follow in his footsteps. Originally a fiddle player, Owens' would travel as a truck driver and sit in on recording sessions at Capital Records with the likes of Gene Vincent, Wanda Jackson and Del Reeves. His early recording was a rockabilly Hot Dog which he used the pseudo name Corky Jones to not interfere with his country career. 1958 would prove to be a pivotal year for Owens as

  • How Did Elvis Presley Influence Popular Culture

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    Elvis Presley Elvis Presley was one of the most successful recording artists of all time, winner of numerous awards, including three Grammy awards. Elvis had an indescribable cultural impact, according to Rolling Stone Magazine: “It was Elvis who made rock’n’roll the international language of pop” Elvis Presley was born on January 8, 1935, in Tupelo, Mississippi, the son of Gladys Love and Vernon Elvis Presley, both Mississippi born. Elvis was supposed to be a twin but his brother was

  • Johnny Cash's Role Model

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    Johnny Cash has done many things in his career. He is one of the best in the Country Hall Of Fame. Johnny Cash has shown me how much it takes to be a musician. He has recorded over 300 songs. He is my role model. Johnny Cash left a legacy behind after he passed away. He left his name shining on a bright golden plate. On his story it shows me how hard he tried. How he recorded songs and kept trying to get a recording from a studio. It shows me how hard I will have to try. Johnny Cash earned his way

  • Essay About Elvis Presley's Death

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    “I may not look good tonight, but I’ll look good in my coffin,” Elvis Presley states on the night of his last concert. For many years, people have debated about whether Elvis is still living or not. This theory cannot explain to people if he still is living or not. Unless people change their belief on this, they will continue to have the trouble accepting whether Elvis is still alive or dead. Many people feel that Elvis faked his death because people found many things that were suspicious with the

  • Buddy Holly Research Papers

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    Jennifer Mey Professor Todd Campbell MUS 210-220N 2015SP 05 May 2015 Buddy Holly Buddy Holly was just a boy from Lubbock, Texas but he is known as an influential singer/songwriter in rock. Even after his death in 1959 he is still impacting rock music and music in general. He is one of the most influential artists of all time in rock music. Buddy Holly is an artist who was only alive for a few years and was famous during that time but even after death he is still famous. His music lives on, many