How Did Elvis Presley Affected Rock And Roll

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Elvis was a person who had nothing and worked a job at age 19 to live in a house with his parents who both had jobs too to keep their house, but he would work hard to become the greatest singer of all time. Here’s how he did it. Elvis Presley impacted rock and roll music with his deep voice and his perfectly mixed combination of gospel, blues, and other genres of music which made rock and roll more popular and set rock and roll on track for what it has become today. Early on in life, Elvis moved to Memphis but, he was a misfit in school. Elvis moved at a young age because his parents each got a new job in Memphis. At the age 19, he had a job (McRee, 2008). Elvis knew many kinds of music from going to different places in Memphis. Elvis was a misfit in school because he was shy and dressed different (Schinder, 2007). Elvis would get his hipster clothes from Beale Street and would listen to African American music there (Krull, 2006). …show more content…

Elvis began his career when he wanted to make a gift for his mom and went to a recording studio called the sun. He made two records and later the store owner would ask him and two others to try and form a band. They made a band and, made two songs that were received with mild approval from audiences. In approximately 730 days the world would find Elvis Presley (Krull, 2006). There were four members in the original band to start (McRee, 2008). Although Elvis used his real name, his band mates did not use their real names (Schinder, 2007). Elvis and his band chose the name the TCB which stands for taking care of business (Krull, 2006). Elvis got along good with his band mates in the TCB. You could tell when he suggested that they use the band name the TCB (Schinder,

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