Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry Analysis

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In the novel Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, Stacey’s perspective of friendship with T.J. and Jeremy is unique and this affects the decisions he makes in Chapter 7. Stacey allows T.J. to do almost anything around him, even though T.J. is rude and naughty. But, T.J. is still Stacey’s best friend. Stacey is pretty rude to Jeremy even though Jeremy is super nice to the Logans and T.J.’s family. Stacey’s friendship with these two boys are very different.

Stacey’s friendship with T.J. is strong. Stacey and T.J. sometimes get in fights, but by the end of the day they’re best friends. For example, T.J. was cheating on the history test with his cheat notes. Then, he saw Mrs. Logan coming so he slipped them into Stacey’s pocket. Mrs. Logan saw the cheat notes and whipped Stacey. After school Mrs. Logan asked Stacey if it was his notes or if it was someone else 's. Stacey did not say anything because he didn’t want to get his best friend in trouble. Stacey’s and T.J.’s friendship is so strong and important to Stacey that he wouldn’t even tell on his friend after he was whipped. Then, Stacey chased T.J. to the Wallace store. Behind the Wallace store Stacey and T.J. started getting in a fist fight. The next morning they were best friends again. The two boys were able to work their fight out because of their strong friendship. I think Stacey allows T.J. to get away with so much because he doesn’t want to lose his strong friendship. At the same time I don 't think Stacey allows T.J. to

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