Examples Of Courage In Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry

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Courage is Earned! Courage can't just be said it has to be shown. In the book Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry by Mildred Taylor, Mr. L.T. Morrision is the most brave, loyal, and kind person you will meet. Mr. Morrison showed courage by standing to the Wallaces, he moved Kaleb Wallace's car off the road, and when he stayed with the Logans even though he could get hurt Mr. Morrison’s actions proved that he knows what is right and he is going to stand up for that no matter what. Even though his parents were killed by whites, he stays calm and knows exactly how to deal with the situation. Mr. Morrison will give up anything for the people he loves. Would you be brave enough to stand up to a white killer with a gun? Mr. Morrison stood up for Papa and the Logan family, even though he could get hurt and face consequences. Mr. Morrison, Papa, and Stacy were heading to the house when the Wallaces came by. They shot papa in the head! Stacey stayed back in the wagon while Mr. Morrison wanted to make things right. He went over to the boy and picked him up and threw him on the ground. This made the boy break his back! Since he could not move the Logan boys were able to get home safely because of Mr. Morrisons bravery. “I seen Mr. Morrison pick up one of them men like he wasn't nothin but …show more content…

Mr. Morrison risked his life for the Logan family. When Mr. Morrison was stopping the Wallaces by hurting them, they got very mad. The Wallaces wanted to kill him. Mama told Mr. Morrison that he should probably leave because they are after him. Mr. Morrison decided to stay because the Logan kids were like his children and he wanted to protect them. “But if you stay, he’ll get somebody and they'll try to take you, like he said- Miz Logan, dont ask me to go.” (Taylor, 226) Mr. Morrison stayed and ended up protecting the Logans and everyone ended up okay. Mr. Morrison was very happy to be with the Logans because they were his family and he loved

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