Psy 300 Week 1

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Kristi House is a child advocacy center that is involved in meeting the legal, medical and emotional needs of child victims of sexual abuse, sex trafficking and sexually exploited children. With this legislation and grants, clients will receive an effective and enhance respond from the authorities.
2. Given the above information, discuss why you either support or do not support this legislation. If you feel the legislation has both positive and negative impacts, please list why and include your critical analysis. If you use data to support your analysis, please cite your references and use quotes appropriately.
I support this legislation because it will have a positive impact with the client population served on the agency. Kristi House’s …show more content…

3. Discuss the legislation and your analysis with your Field Instructor, begin to think about ways for your agency to engage in advocacy surrounding this legislation, and list at least one advocacy activity for this assignment.
I discussed the pending legislation with my field instructor Ms Ruthlyn Webster and I expressed my ideas and thoughts about it. She stated that Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2005 helps Kristi House and an amended will be positive. It has been 10 years that the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2005 has been established and there is a need of change based on what we are living now. As well, she stated that Kristi House has been involved in developing bills about child sexual abuse and sexually exploited children. She stated that Florida Safe Harbor Act 2013 was written by Kristi House and with Representative Fresen, they presented the bill to congress and lobbied for it. It took almost 2 years to be approved. The main concerned about this bills is that sexually exploited children should be treated as dependent, not delinquent, so long as they are not under arrest or being prosecuted for

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