Human Trafficking Research Paper

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Human trafficking is one of the largest and most prevalent issues that affects all walks of life both domestically and internationally. Human trafficking is not only a horrendous crime but a major human rights violation, impacting public health. “Human trafficking is a form of modern day slavery” . Human trafficking is the taking of a person with the intent to exploit them through, sexual exploitation, forced labor, slavery/servitude, or the removal of organs. Some of the current US policy and legislation in use to combat human trafficking is the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000, “which is the cornerstone in human trafficking legislation”, that helped in the efforts against human trafficking. The act combats trafficking …show more content…

Human trafficking can affect any person, anywhere at any time, yet leaves multiple groups at higher risk for human trafficking. Runaway/homeless youth, LGBT members, migrant workers, undocumented immigrants, racial/ethnic minorities, those who struggle with substance abuse, and others all tend to be at higher risk for becoming victims of human trafficking. In order for human trafficking to be classified as a crime it must fit the three elements of human trafficking. These three elements fall under Act, Means, and Purpose. Act explains what is happening, in this stage people are recruited, taken, possibly moved to another location, and received by other traffickers or those who wish to exploit them. Means is how the crime is done, means mostly consists of abduction, threats, manipulation, deception, force and the like. Purpose explains why it was committed which is the explicit intent to exploit the victim. The International Labor Organization reported that in 2017 approximately 24.9 million people were victims of human trafficking with around 81% of victims falling under the category of forced labor and 19% falling under the category of sexual exploitation. Out of the 24.9 million the demographics showed around 70% of women and girls were victims of trafficking and 30% of men and boys were victims of trafficking, with 75% being over the age of 18 and 25% being under the age of 18. Within the United States there are approximately 600-800,00 victims of trafficking according to the US State Department, with Asia-pacific region accounting for the largest amount of victims internationally. Human trafficking generates billions on earning, with 2014 statistics reporting that “Human trafficking earn profits of roughly 150 billion a year for traffickers” . While

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