Smuggling Essays

  • Drug Smuggling Is Wrong

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    there’s always a consequence. The purpose for doing something can be the difference between right and wrong. Even if the act in itself is morally wrong to do so. The purpose behind drug smuggling varies from every individual. Some do it to get away, while others are just looking to earn extra money. Even though drug smuggling is illegal, the people that are drug mules suffer the most. These drug mules are sometimes

  • Human Smuggling And Traffic By Frank Schmalleger

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    “Although smuggling might not involves active coercion, it can be deadly. In January 2007, for example, truck driver Tyrone Williams, 36, a Jamaican citizen living in Schenectady, New York, was sentenced to life in prison for causing the deaths of 19 illegal immigrants in the nation’s deadliest known smuggling attempt.” This is one example from the article Human Smuggling and Traffic by Frank Schmalleger. Not many people are aware what happens to the illegal immigrants after they enter the country

  • Essay On Human Smuggling

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    the guy she has been talking to would soon be trafficking her. Human trafficking and smuggling happen every day, some are vacationers who had an unlucky day. But most are locals who want to get out of a horrible country to America where they hear that they can achieve the American dream. People use different attempts to achieve the American dream resulting in the uproar of human smuggling

  • Drug Courier Classification

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    implicate innocent people, they are a guideline for the officers to use so they can stop and question individuals to determine if they are in fact smuggling drugs. At the very least, if an individual has nothing to hide, then a few questions should not offend them, however; these profile indicators are in place to help catch the criminals that are smuggling drugs. Moreover, a person that has an unusual itinerary such as,

  • The Bradys And The Girl Smuggler Analysis

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    inferred through the two detectives hired by the collector to solve a smuggling crime. In the third chapter along with the fifth, there is an aggressive tone portrayed through La Croix. Lastly, there is a tone of urgency in the final chapter from Young Kid Brady when waiting to final catch La Croix. An egotistical tone in the first chapter can be inferred through the two detectives hired by the collector to solve a smuggling crime. In the first chapter an angry collector confronts his local police

  • Fuk Ching Crime Gang Analysis

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    A Chinese transnational organized crime gang came into existence in the mid 1980’s. They called themselves the “Fuk Ching Gang” and they are comprised of a group of young Chinese men from China’s Fujian Province. They are based in the Chinatown section of New York. The types of crime they pride themselves son is extortion, protection rackets, and he victims of their crimes are usually businesses. Fuk Ching likes to smuggle young woman from China into the Unites States where they are used as pawns

  • Reasons Behind Human Trafficking

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    Human smuggling and trafficking are violations of human’s rights , integrity and dignity . In fact, it is officially defined by governmental organs and international organizations such as the United Nations as modern-day slavery to further commercial, sexual or labor acts. There is a blurred line between smuggled migration and human trafficking and the two concepts often overlap. Thus, In order to bring a reliable knowledge about human smuggling and trafficking, it is necessary to define these

  • Transnational Organized Crimes

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    Transnational Organized Crimes are illegal big businesses such as weapon smuggling, human and drug smuggling and trafficking, and fraud and corruption. TOC’s have been studied for decades by the government agencies, and now local and state law enforcement are involved as the eyes and ears in the communities. This is very important when looking into the research and finding out where and why TOC’s can grow and expand as rapidly as they have been. Gaps in the literature can be seen when it comes

  • Essay On Organized Crime

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    the Western District of Texas, and other states in Mexico and the United States. The gang consisted of several members who engaged in criminal activities such as money laundering, murder, kidnapping, and bribery. Most of the gangs income came from smuggling drugs such as marijuana and cocaine into the United States which added to their yearly net income which $3 billion. (Pike,

  • Human Trafficking Research

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    major issue across the world, found primarily in developing countries (Gustafsson, 2014). Every country is affected by trafficking of some form and none go unsacred (Gustafsson, 2014). Most trafficking originates in eastern Asia (Gustafsson, 2014). Smuggling and corruption take place within the industry and countries involved. Each year many women, kids, and men go missing from their homes to be sold and exploited (Gustafsson, 2014). With recent discoveries Bangladesh is found to be one of the world’s

  • Effects Of Human Trafficking

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    that I believe can be stopped with the help of everyone around the world. I plan to become a criminal justice lawyer so I will be able to help others that are being affected by trafficking. This crime of human trafficking through sex, labor, and smuggling drugs is prevalent in our world today. A way people are affected by human trafficking is through sex. Sex trafficking is a cruel way to torture woman

  • Social Effects Of Illegal Drug Trade

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    Justin Kim Jeff Schwartje March 22, 2017 What are the social effects of illegal drug trading? Trade and Aid Drug trafficking is happening all around the globe at the moment, from mass producers and cartels in certain isolated areas to small drug dealers downtown. The topic area for this report question is Trade and Aid. This report will be considering the possible social effects drug trafficking has done to the world. It will discuss what my peers and I think about drug trafficking, what laws my

  • Why Should Cigarettes Be Banned In Canada

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    targeted for writing an article about illegal smuggling of tobacco in his country. He and 2 other innocent civilians were gunned down. This would not have happened if people could buy cigarettes regularly. Gangs would not need to smuggle cigarettes because it would not be

  • Summary: The War On Drugs

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    as it provides a prime example of how something so miniscule, can deeply affect someone 's life. Extreme Smuggling Aragon, Carlos, director. “Extreme Smuggling.” Discovery Channel, 14 Jan. 2013, This documentary gave me an inside look on what

  • Causes Of Organised Crime

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    The main goal of organised criminal groups is profit, so there are issues with crime syndicates being involved in illegal logging, cybercrime, piracy, and more. However these examples are less relevant in cities. The most pertinent activities affecting urban areas due to organised crime are trafficking in drugs, light weapons, humans; violence; and corruption. Drugs Some organised crime groups use the drug trade as one of many methods of profiting financially (for example, the American mafia),

  • Essay On Drug Trafficking

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    Drug trafficking is the mass-production of drugs in one country distributed to another for expected profit. The notorious bosses of the drug trafficking at the time were the infamous Pablo Escobar, Carlos Lehder, and Griselda Blanco. The two main smuggled drugs were cocaine and marijuana. They were smuggled by plane, boat, and human mules. To hide the abundant profits they’d money launder, hide money in safe, and even went to the extent of having their money built into house walls just to avoid the

  • Border Fencing Research Paper

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    fencing. In San Diego County, border fencing remains a critical part of our effort to prevent and deter illegal immigrants and drug smugglers from entering the local community. Since construction of the San Diego border fence began in 1996, the smuggling of people and narcotics has dropped drastically; crime rates have been reduced by half, according to FBI statistics; vehicle drug drive-throughs have been eliminated; and apprehensions have decreased as the result of fewer crossing attempts.

  • The Los Zetas In Mexico

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    big connection between drugs, money, and violence. Money from drugs is a major part of the economy in Mexico. Most illegal drugs enter the U.S. through the southwest border from Mexico. They enter the U.S. through unsecured parts of the border, smuggling tunnels, or trafficking methods. Thousands of people are murdered throughout the year because of this dangerous business. (Figure 1) Many people who decide to go against the cartel, or not help them often become the victims. Figure 1-Homocide Victims

  • Los Aztecas: Gang And Drug Trafficker

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    Los Aztecas: Gang and Drug Traffickers The Aztecas, otherwise known as, Los Aztecas emerged as a prison gang from El Paso, Texas in 1986 (“Barrio Azteca,” 2018). Los Aztecas are not only prominent in El Paso but also in Mexico. From its inception that gang has aided in drug trafficking operations. In recent years, the gang has had a significant increase in members. Specifically, in 1996 many deported Mexican criminals were returning to Mexico. By 2013, it was reported that there were about 7,000

  • The Smuggler Analysis

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    “Geraldine Moore: The Poet,” “The Smuggler,” and “Initiation,” are all very three unlike short stories. In these three stories the outsiders Tasso, Millicent and, Geraldine all have one goal in life, be part of a group or be known. The three authors of the short stories are diverse in all ways, but when reading the stories it feel that the authors planned the three stories to be related in one way. Geraldine, Tasso, and Millicent the outsiders, are all three very divergent people, but they all have