Why Should Cigarettes Be Banned In Canada

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Cigarettes should not be banned in Canada. Everyone has seen the ancient government infomercial made in the early 2000’s aimed to steer children and teens away from taking cigarettes. They have had some effect to the new generation according to Statistics Canada with the percentage of Canadians smoking declining from 21% to 18% over the last 5 year. This study also shows that the majority of smokers are in their 40s. Many Canadians still think that the government can do better and have campaigned relentlessly to make cigarettes illegal. Users of cigarettes have responded to these campaigns saying that cigarettes should still remain being legal as users have the right and freedom to do as they please. This reason is valid, but definitely not …show more content…

In 2009, the federal government decided to ban cigarettes from public indoor spaces and put forward several regulations on cigarettes. Before this decision was made, there was speculation that cigarettes would be banned entirely from Canada. That year contraband tobacco trades skyrocketed. In fact the RCMP seized double the amount of tobacco from the year before. After it was justified that the government would not illegalize cigarettes, contraband tobacco seizures dropped by 22% in one year. These illegal tobacco trades are extremely profitable because many people are willing to pay less money for cigarettes anyway they can.bane tobacco according to the OPP has never been a huge problem until recent years with more and more bans and restrictions on cigarettes. These profits from illegal cigarette trade fund purchases of guns and weapons. Many violent incidents have been linked to multiple gang fights and deaths. For example, Dusko Jovanović, a journalist who was brutally gunned down by gangs in the Croatian area. He was targeted for writing an article about illegal smuggling of tobacco in his country. He and 2 other innocent civilians were gunned down. This would not have happened if people could buy cigarettes regularly. Gangs would not need to smuggle cigarettes because it would not be …show more content…

Bhutan currently is the only country in the world that has completely banned smoking. Since only 1% of the country smoked in the first place, it has not affected the economy too much. The smuggling to illegal cigarettes are very common in the country though. People who did smoke, have moved away or resorted to the black market to settle their craving. Some have resorted to other drugs to get past the absence of tobacco. Overall, this method has not helped much. Smoker have not disappeared but have been displaced. In summary, Cigarettes should continue to be legal because it prevents the need for contraband tobacco, keeps kids from using it to a minimum, and countries that have banned it affect the users. We need to keep them regulated and slowly campaign people to stop smoking. Eventually, no one in the new generation will smoke. We don’t want cigarettes to send us to

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