Why E-Cigarettes Should Be Banned

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Recently, there is a new invention that has become public interest from country’s leader to citizen due to the rise of one device that called e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes or Vape are electronic devices intended to deliver nicotine with flavorings, which up to 7700 different flavors and some other chemicals into vapor. The amount of users of this device has increased in the past couple of years, which contributed $6 billion to the economy in 2015 itself, this is so as it is often portrayed as a healthier substitute for the regular cigarettes though this statement has yet been proven true. The question is: should the government ban the use of e-cigarettes? In my opinion, government should ban the use of e-cigarettes because it is detrimental to health, …show more content…

According to The Washington Post just in one year from 2013-2014, the numbers of school students using e-cigarettes is tripled and it’s gone up 800 percent since 2011.Contrary to that This is because it is often portrayed as harmless and it is being sold in such kid-friendly options as coca-cola, candy, strawberry and many other flavors. This has raised fears in society as it is been decade, we tried to combating and decreasing the numbers of smokers (Dennis). Also, a research found that teenagers who used this device are 3 times more likely to smoke regular cigarettes compared to those who had never use this device as a lot of parents are fine with their children using this device and they are not aware of the danger of it (Spencer). Moreover, there is more report that children drinking the e-cigarette juice and become horribly ill. For example a case in New York where a toddler died after ingesting liquid nicotine intended for use in an e-cigarette as many parents unaware of the safety risks to children from unsafe storage of e-liquid. From this, we can conclude that this device should be ban due to the appeal to

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